Webinar Series: Future Ready EDOs

Webinar Series: Future Ready EDOs
The latest report from our Economic Development Research Partnership (EDRP), Future Ready: Preparing for Tomorrow's Economy, examines various technological advancements such as artificial intelligence (AI), 3D printing, robotics, machine learning, blockchain and how they are disrupting not only entire industries but the nature of work itself. Register for our Fall Webinar Series to go beyond the report and, along with our experts and practitioners, take a closer look at how these disruptors will change the work of economic developers.

Through this series of webinars: 

- Discover the latest industry, talent and technology trends and predictions for the future
- Learn from communities that are on the leading edge of preparing for what comes next
- Develop a game plan for how your economic development strategy can become Future Ready

October 11:  How Economic Developers are Thinking about the Future - Visioning  
October 18:  The Future of Infrastructure 
October 25:  The Future of Work 
November 1:  The Future of Technology Development and Commercialization 
November 8:  The Future of Economic Development Practices
10/11/2018 - 11/8/2018
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