2019 IEDC Digital Marketing Series

2019 IEDC Digital Marketing Series
Every two years, IEDC hosts our most popular webinar series on the latest in digital marketing. 2019's series will take a fundamental look at the emerging technologies and new standards that will shape the future of how we communicate to our audiences. From cutting-edge topics ranging from artificial intelligence to search engine optimization (SEO) to privacy, this year's series offers an accessible way for every economic development professional to understand and implement useable technologies into their everyday work. For organizations large and small looking to sophisticate your digital communications efforts, IEDC's 2019 Fall Marketing Series will give you the essentials you need in the digital marketing space. Don't miss this innovative series, register today!
9/25/2019 2:30 PM - 11/6/2019 4:00 PM
Online registration not available.

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