2020 Economic Future Forum

2020 Economic Future Forum
IEDC's 2020 Economic Future Forum is a forward-looking conference that will focus on fostering economic transformation in the new economy.  With unprecedented advancements in digital and virtual technologies impacting every sector of the economy, our future will be driven by the adoption of technology. The conference will explore industry trends and strategies for enhancing talent, fostering innovation, and creating a sense of place in our communities. The conference will follow three main sub-themes:

Talent: The emergence of new technologies will — already are — be disruptive to our workforce. Retaining, retraining, and retooling our citizens to prepare them for the shift will rapidly escalate in importance. Connecting top talent with quickly changing business needs will further change the workforce landscape as agility, transferability and adaptability become paramount.

Innovation: To address our challenges, we need to develop and build a networked ecosystem for innovation. An ecosystem filled with people, organizations and capital that are interconnected. An ecosystem with a culture of trust, leadership, policies, and resources that support business growth, not limit it.

Place: When seeking places to live, people seek a diverse set of amenities suited to their lifestyles. This requires the development of dynamic and diverse neighborhoods throughout our communities. A community that offers a sense of place for diversity will attract talent, foster innovation and lead in economic growth.

Join us in Calgary for The Pursuit: Finding Opportunity in Transformation!
6/21/2020 - 6/23/2020
Hyatt Regency Calgary 700 Center Street, SE Calgary, AB T2G 5P6 CANADA
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