Accelerating Growth through Entrepreneurship-Led Econ Dev

In this interactive course, participants will gain a thorough knowledge of business stages and how to provide support and financial resources addressed specifically to their needs The course will help participants develop a deep appreciation for the unique needs and challenges of minority and women-owned businesses, and the benefits of building ecosystems in communities of color. Participants will also learn to appreciate the role of legislators and policy makers, how storytelling can influence stakeholders, and a deeper understanding of rural cultures. 

Course Highlights 

- Overview of the types and stages of businesses, and how to serve their different needs 
- Evaluate when companies need funding, the types of funding, and where to find it 
- Assist entrepreneurs in creating sustainable growth, and preparing them for potential crises 
- Establishing entrepreneurial ecosystems in communities of color and understanding the reality of challenges faced by minority, women, and LGBT owned companies. 
- Understanding the unique issues in developing entrepreneurs in rural areas 
- Learn how to communicate with decision-makers about the benefits of ELED 
- The art of storytelling and how to tell your story
7/29/2021 - 7/30/2021

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