Introduction to Entrepreneurship-led Economic Development

This course focuses on building an understanding of the importance of building a community centered around entrepreneurship and small business creation, sustainability and growth. After taking this course, course participants will be able to identify their role in the ecosystem, understand the roles of others and come away with the skills to bring organizations together around shared goals. Learn important skills such as assessing a community's appetite for risk, identifying resource gaps, understanding the importance of inclusion, and developing practical ways to measure success. 

Course Highlights 

- Understanding entrepreneurship-led economic development 
- Building an inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem and collaborating with other entrepreneurship support organizations 
- Assessing your community's entrepreneurship composition 
- Becoming a trusted source 
- Understanding the importance of an inclusive ecosystem 
- Measuring and funding your ecosystem 
- Addressing BRE, attraction and philanthropy in your entrepreneurship efforts
6/17/2021 - 6/18/2021

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